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I was encouraged to purchase the wellness plan for my 10 year old dog who has severe allergies. I was told their wellness plan is like others "pet insurance". It is not! I was also told it would help me save on medication costs of which would be pretty high with my dogs allergies. The discount is tremendously misleading. The cost of the same medication purchased in other places was still cheaper than the discounted cost. It's not insurance and it only covers the basics of care. Things that you would do and pay for anyway. And do and pay for at not much if any more than you pay for the plan. But they do have you bring in your dog and suggest a ton of extra things that need done - which all are an additional cost to the plan. There were two occaisions where I had to take my dog to the vet, one for getting into sugar free gum and another I can't remember why but neither were covered by the "Wellness Plan". Again I was told it's "Banfields version of Pet Insurance". My dog died four months before his "plan" ended. Now they are clearly telling me this isn't insurance it's a wellness plan. If it was insurance than yes with his death the "policy" would be closed. But since it's a monthly paying "plan" I must finish paying the monthly payments or pay it all off in one payment. I would continue to go to Banfield as I loved the vet but not now. I won't continue to support them after they took advantage of me in such a way. While I can honestly admit I purchased this when I was stressed over my dogs health and in the midst of a crisis. I should have known better. My bad. But let me also add Banfield did their own version of bad as well - they were incredibly misleading if not just plain liars. I have learned that they have only certain meds they have their vets prescribe as they can get them at a deep discount. This was obviously true when the flea medication I asked for the vet wouldn't prescribe because of my dogs seizures. Then medication they wanted to prescribe makes my dog react because of his allergies. So the vet recommended another medication that I'd have to get through Do yourself a favor - invest in real pet insurance or not but don't waste your money on Banfields Wellness Plan! I'd give it a 0 of 10 but that isn't an option. After my wellness plan is done I will be finding another vet.

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cancellation of wellness plan
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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