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I have an 11 month old English Mastiff. I decided to purchase pet insurance because, with his size, any procedure or expense is super-sized. Boy am I glad I did! I got FULL coverage, both wellness and illness. He recently became extremely ill with an infection in his tail that left him unable to eat or walk. What peace of mind I had, knowing that my vet could take the necessary steps to effectively treat him and that money was not the deciding factor in his treatment. I had him neutered and micro-chipped while he was under for the tail amputation. He is now fully recovered (minus a tail)and happy as a giant puppy can be. Claim submitting has been super easy and the people at VPI are not nit picky and confrontational as I feared they might be. I feared that I'd have to fight and justify every expense or visit to the vet. But NO, I've never had to further explain any of the the 3 claims I've made, I just send them in, then in about a month, a check or explanation letter comes.

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Happy Tail Syndrome
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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