Embrace-A BIG hug of insurance for your 'babies'!

Out of 10

When I hear the word 'insurance', my eyes glaze over, I get nauseous, dread future billing 'issues' and ultimately put my fingers in my ears and say, 'lalalalala-I can't hear you!'. Thank the heavens that this old dog CAN learn new tricks because Embrace changed all that for me. Their prices are competitive, their coverage is amazing, their reimbursement is quick and painless and their guest service far exceeds all expectations. They have provided constant security for myself and my cats' health(Alex and Runtly). I only have one complaint: neither of my babies has been awarded 'Pet of the Month' . Hmmmmm-I'm not sure why. One of these days it will happen. I guess I should consider submitting them; this may just be the crucial step I've forgotten.A lighthearted joke in a health insurance review? You KNOW Embrace must be incredible(they are!).
Thank you! We all appreciate it....well except for the little one who the vet just put on a diet :(

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Check up!!!
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Russian Blue

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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