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On September 28, 2015, I submitted a claim for my rescued Torti-Point Siamese, Semi, who had begun to develop lesions on her face, around her eyes and between her paw pads.
Included were comprehensive notes, including a bill for bloodwork, cytology and a punch biopsy to rule out lupus,other auto-immune diseases and cancer. The total bill was for $292.00. Semi's $100.00 deductible had already been met. I should note that on all previous claims, I had also submitted vet records along with invoices.

After countless calls, I was told that vet records dating back 18 months were required. I explained that the only vet records not submitted were those for dental surgery in February, 2014, when I first adopted her, since I knew that PetsBest did not cover dental procedures. I was told these,too,were required and that my vet would be contacted for all records.

Fast forward to today, October 12, 2015. Again, no response from PetsBest. When I called, I was told that my hospital had not forwarded Semi's records. While I was on the phone with Geraldine, a representative, I called my vet and was told that not only had they submitted all requested records, but had a verification that the fax to PetsBest had been sent. Geraldine said there had been no records received.

Again, while on the phone with Geraldine, I asked my vet to once more fax the records, this time to Geraldine's fax line, which they did while both she and I were on the phone. The records did get to Geraldine this time around. Now, I'll wait to see what new roadblocks PetsBest will set up to avoid paying for this very modest bill.

If I had been asked to rate PetsBest before this experience, I would have rated it highly and, in fact, gave it a positive review for its handling of bills incurred when my Siamese, Jasmine, became ill with FIP nearly two years ago and ultimately had to be euthanized. I have, in fact, recommended this company to friends and acquaintances and know, for a fact, that they have insured their pets.

Based on the ineptitude and bureaucratic hoops I had to jump through this time around, I would hesitate before recommending this company. While I understand that records are needed for claims involving a new pet to insure that there are no pre-existing conditions, a pet who has submitted both claims and records for prior issues should not have to have so many roadblocks erected before the claim is resolved.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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