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I have had a Healthy Paws policy for both of my cats, Diva and Dweezil, since May 2014. Recently, Diva started coughing chronically and, one day, started to breathe through her mouth. Anyone who's owned by a cat knows that this is a serious emergency. An oxygen chamber, four IVs, two steroids, and one very stressful night later, Diva was out of the ICU and back home with me (and several bottles of medication). She is on the mend now, but as anyone who loves a cat will understand, this has been a harrowing, stressful, awful experience emotionally. On top of that, the veterinary bills, prescription costs, and emergency room visit would have been a horrible burden. But Healthy Paws greatly alleviated that stress: they processed most of my claims practically within hours of submission, kept me well-informed of the status of each, and promptly sent me reimbursement checks once I had met my deductible. They even sent me kind emails checking up on Diva's health. I feel like she and I both received the highest level of individualized attention. To me, it shows that the people at Healthy Paws truly care about cats and dogs and genuinely want to make their lives better. In Diva's case, they have certainly succeeded.

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Domestic Shorthair

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