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I have had Pet First since my Boxer was 4 months. When he turned 5 and his renewal was up I was not going to increase his coverage b/c he was healthy. The agent on the phone recommended that I should b/c of his age/breed etc. I have had 2 other Boxers who died VERY young so I thought about it and it was only $20/more...GOOD THING I did. 1 month later my dog started acting VERY strange....3 months later he collapsed..HE HAS HEART ARRYTHMIAS..6 months later he had a heart attack...He takes 8 different medications A DAY ($500 every 30 days), wears a heart monitor every 4-6 months ($600), blood test every 3 months ($200) not to mention ER visits when he's breathing different...AND he has some back/knee problems..THANK GODNESS I changed his plan & I have insurance!
He is doing FABULOUS! Just had a full blood panel done last week and a heart monitor!!! HE IS A TOUGH BOY! The key is keeping him calm!

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Heart Arrythimia
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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