They might be great but don't expect it

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Trupanion was represented to me as among the best for if I was ever in the need. Their price (I pay $50/mo for $150 deductible) was also among the highest. You get what you paid for right? A lot of people with serious conditions have been helped out greatly.
Well they still may be very good- I don't really know. But after about 4 years of this almost double priced insurance, and no vet bills covered, I had a real need for help with my dog's lipoma and other worrisome growths surgery.

Here's the kicker that got me: They considered their deductible "per condition" and not per year or per incident like you're used to with your auto insurance.

After considering almost every incision in my dog a separate condition, they got me for the deductible times three! After the deductible was multiplied so many times, the payout was almost not worth driving to the bank.

In their defense they said that a long term condition like diabetes would cost more in per year deductible than per condition- which is great news or whatever. I don't feed my dog supermarket corn and sugar so we're not really risking diet diseases.

They were nice enough on the phone, but like many businesses are becoming nowadays, they had nobody who could help at all; no flexibility whatsoever to keep me as a customer. They charged the deductible enough times to negate the payout almost completely.

The appeals process put the onus on me to convince my vet to write letters (for a failing cause). I'm sorry but I'm busy working to make the money to put in their pockets! I don't have time to go jump through hoops, especially on something that literally is their line of business, not mine. They could just go to my vet for the info they needed, because alas they are the ones who know what they need to know, not me.

So it was a double whammy for me today... What else will they do? That's what I'm wondering!

It's a pain that for such an expensive plan, I have to go through the contract again to find where they want to screw me. Usually paying more means less tricks to catch in the fine print. What a waste of $600/yr so far... Basically if nothing giant happens, Trupanion uses the multiple deductible trick to neutralize payouts.

Not saying another company is better, just watch out and don't trust Trupanion's sales team- Read the fine print very carefully- it's where they make their money!

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Skin problem

embedded fox tails, cysts (infected), lipomas
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Siberian Husky

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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