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Lilly came into my life 13 months ago. As an avid walker I needed a dog that could cover a lot of ground. As soon as I laid eyes on Lilly I knew she was the one. I'm retired and hesitated to get a dog because I'm on a moderate fixed income and I know owning a dog these days can be very expensive. Lilly had been found by a gentleman who was physically unable to walk her and the lack of exercise for such a high energy girl was causing behavior problems and tension between her and her owner. Pretty much at the end of his rope, he graciously allowed me to have her.
I decide that I needed to be sure that I could provide Lilly with quality care should she ever need it and made the decision to get insurance.
My vet mentioned Trupanion and and I'm grateful that he did. I bought the policy within days and thought that should Lilly ever be injured or swallow some foreign object she could get the help she needed.
Lilly thrived on a high quality diet and daily
walks of four miles a day.
After being with me for over a year she began to show signs of gastrointestinal distress. When it persisted for several days we went to the vet.
Two visits (including an overnight stay)with
an x-ray, sophisticated blood tests, medications, food additives to aid digestion, a specially prescribed dog food, and first rate care resulted in a diagnosis of the early stage of Addison's Disease and two bills totaling $1,887.00.
The first visit included items that I knew were not covered such as the office visit charge,
flea/tick/heart worm meds etc.
I mailed the claim form and immediately received an email from Trupanion that it was being processed. Within days a check for $343.00
was issued to cover the eligible charges. I was
The second claim was for $1184.00 and a check for $1,035.00 is on the way. I got the same speedy response from Trupanion and so I will be able to use the money to pay the credit card bill before the due date.
I'm very happy with Trupanion. I have peace of mind that I can take care of Lilly. We caught this condition in its early stages before organ
damage and having coverage contributed to that.
The vet said that she will need cortisol supplements to maintain good health and that she
should have a normal life span.
Trupanion if fair and efficient. Singing up was a good decision. I bought it for peace of mind. Little did I know how soon it would need it. Lilly is doin

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Early indication of Addisons Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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