Is pet insurance worth it?

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Every pet owner should consider getting pet insurance, and the decision is not an easy one. Premiums go up significantly each year, whether you make any claims or not. Pure bred dogs may have significantly higher premiums than mixed breeds. There is a lot of paperwork involved in making claims. Some vets even say you are better off putting money into a dedicated savings account.
We have had an account with PetPlan for about 5 years now, and this is the first year we have made any claims. Our Polish Lowland Sheepdog, who had been very healthy, had a couple of things happen this year (a cardiac condition and a torn ligament). Both have required multiple vet visits and repeat evaluations and procedures/surgery by specialists. So far, I believe we have made 9 claims.

The people at PetPlan have all been very friendly and helpful. We disagreed at one point over paying a second deductible, and we appealed it and won. Reimbursements have been fast, delayed only when the vet's office was slow in getting them the information. They have always been very fast in communicating, and it's always on a friendly basis.

The bottom line is - is it worth it? To date, subtracting deductibles and the 20% we pay, reimbursement has been around 65% of what we submitted. We have now received more in reimbursements than we have paid in total premiums over the years. That is one factor in deciding whether the coverage is worth it. For us, we have now saved money by having insurance.

The other consideration is in knowing that if something really major happens, there will likely be coverage for that. That's the "peace-of-mind" consideration that is part of all insurance.

Whether to get insurance or not is always a personal decision. I would only say that medical expenses for dogs are not cheap, and the bills can add up quickly. If you are lucky, your medical expenses will be less than insurance premiums over the lifetime of the dog, and you can forego insurance. Realistically, however, something is going to happen, and even moderately serious things can run into thousands of dollars, more as the dog gets older (which is why premiums go up every year).

All I can say is, for us, we have now reached the point where having the policy is paying off, that is, saving us money. It's not a huge amount we have saved so far, and the paperwork is a hassle, but it is now worth it. And the people at PetPlan have made things a lot more bearable. It's more like they are really trying

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pericardial effusion and torn cruciate ligament
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Over $1000

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

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1 - 8

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