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As a veterinary professional, I can not over stress the importance of having a viable financial plan for your pets. As with everything in life-- things happen unexpectedly. It is hard for the veterinary team to see a family that truly loves their pet, but just can't afford the necessary treatment. With that comes displaced aggression, and the veterinary team is unfortunately often blamed. I may work in a veterinary hospital, but I still have a plan in place. I have Care Credit as well as Pet Plan polices for all my pets, and I can not tell you how at ease I feel knowing my beloved animals are taken care of financially. . Pet Plan is one of the most professional companies I have dealt with. Any time I have entered a claim, I am reimbursed within 2 weeks if not sooner. The policy took care of all the allergy shots for one of my pets, and I assure you, even with my veterinary connections, I could not have afforded them! Anytime I have contacted the company, I am met with nothing but THE most polite and professional individuals. You can easily call before you enter a claim or agree to a procedure- and they will tell you if your pet is covered under the plan chosen. And submitting a claim? Couldn't' be easier. I recommend Pet Plan to everyone I can!

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Skin problem


Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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