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Trupanion is worth every penny. I am a vet tech/veterinary student after seeing how well Trupanion treated our clients, I decided to sign up as well. I have 6 animals, so I pay a lot per month in order to insure everyone, but it is worth it. 90% coverage for accidents and illnesses. Since I signed up this year, I have already received $1500 in reimbursement from Trupanion and it would be twice this but I am fortunate enough to get a 50% student discount at my schools vet hospital. This reimbursement well exceeds the amount I pay per year in premiums for all 6 of my animals. My first claim was for my dog's pancreatitis. My second was for my cat's ear polyp. At first trupanion rejected the ear polyp claim because they thought it was pre-existing since my cat had had an ear infection in that ear previously. However, they encouraged me to appeal to claim by having my veterinarian write an appeal letter. They were very fair about this appeal process and actually overturned their previous decision and covered the surgery! The appeal process did take about a month and a half, however normal claims go through within 1 week. Can't say good enough things about this company.... A must for every pet owner - you never want to have finances get in the way of treating your pet during an accident or illness, and trupanion is the best way to avoid this and provide the BEST care for your beloved pets!

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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