Thank Goodness For VPI

Out of 10

We had just gotten a new puppy and got her insurance and never had insurance on our older dog so we got him insurance at the same time. Thank goodness! About a month after he ended up having to have 3 herniated discs repaired. At first I didn't think they would cover any of it because we were a brand new customer, so I called and they said they covered so much of the MRI, hospitalization, surgery, labs etc. and I thought hmmmm We will see after the claim is filed and we get it back. Wow was I impressed. The bill for everything was over $7,000.00 and the reimbursed us over $4500.00 of it, I was so impressed. They continue to impress me with their handling of claims. Wish I would have invested sooner. It is a godsend. Searched around other insurers and VPI was the best as far as coverage and price. Love them!

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disc herniations
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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