Pogo's Adventure with Rimadyl

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Zippy is 15 and takes Rimadyl, a chewable NSAID drug that helps with her arthritic old bones. We split the pills, about 60 days worth, on the kitchen table.
Pogo, our 14 month, and the guy who's insured, is agile and inquisitive, and can leap to places I wouldn't have believed possible.

I left the room for a puppy second and Pogo helped himself to a few of the tablets.

We rushed Pogo to the vet, worried sick (and feeling plenty guilty).

He made a full recovery, though he was miffed with spending the night hooked up to an IV and insulted with a catheter stuck up his you-know-what.

Here's my lesson: Always push the chairs in when leaving the table. And never leave unguarded, about-to-be-split, Rimadyl on the kitchen table while a unmonitored puppy is in the area!

The other good news is that we purchased HealthyPaws insurance. This is our fourth claim (all the others were minor stuff, I assure you). The reimbursement check arrived quickly. Our experience with HealthyPaws has been surprisingly positive and hassle-free.

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Drug overdose -- toxicology
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Portuguese Podengo

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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