Petplan is a Godsend

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Pet Plan has been such a godsend to us. Recently it became even more important.
People may wonder why we have insurance for our young cats, not just our elderly ones. This was answered after a visit to our vet with our 6 year old Georgia. She was supposed to have her teeth cleaned and they said they heard a heart murmur and wanted to make sure it was nothing.

When my vet called hours later I knew immediately it was not okay. Georgia has severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with SAM complications. This diagnosis has been devastating to us since she had no symptoms. She has since had a negative reaction to her meds. We are now starting her back on a specially compounded dosage in hopes of reaching a theraputic level. With all the sadness and anxiety about Georgia and how to give her as long a quality life as possible it has been such a comfort to just make the right decisions for her and not have to worry about how much each option costs. Having Pet Plan and knowing that we can decide what is right for her not what is cheapest is invaluable. You all processed her first claim in a week and the next claim dealing with her medicaiton adjustments and treatments was already processed in 10 days. We know there will be many more obstacles for Georgia, but being able to financially provide her the best care won't be one of them. Thank you so much. Our 5 cats will continue to be covered by Pet Plan.

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Heart Problem
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Over $1000

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