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We added French Bulldog to our family after much consideration and knowing the health issues of the breed. Upon joining several Facebook Frenchie groups, it became clear that Pet Insurance might be something to consider. It was also clear that locking it down before they have problems was wise, owing to the pre-existing conditions clause which is common in all plans. It was a hard sell for my husband...I'm not going to lie. We took quite a bit of teasing about our 'Dog Insurance', but having a pet-centric professional background, I know how much vet bills, can cost...not just for the one treatment, but for ongoing conditions.
I researched like a mad woman, talked with several vets and got estimated costs for 'Bull-breed' problems like allergies or back surgeries, even made a graph and pro/con there anything I won't do for this dog? I despise research!! I checked out and called the top 6 companies and in the end, chose Healthy Paws. Their customer service and App that allows you to snap a photo of the bill and submit from your phone (because who has time for paperwork and scanning) put them 1st for me. I liked choosing my coverage and deductible...which is yearly, not each out! And while they don't cover the actual office visit, they cover everything else. We decided on the 90% coverage for about $42 monthly. It was not the cheapest, but it was the most comprehensive in case of emergencies for the price. If he ever has anything major...allergies, surgery, accident in his lifetime, the accumulated cost of the yearly deductibles and monthly fees will have paid for itself. Even my husband admitted it.

We insured him shortly before his 1st birthday and hadn't even made a claim until almost one year in. Flapjack is a healthy boy, thankfully. But a few months ago he had a tummy issue....half the deductible met. Next was an eye infection...deductible almost met...then...Xmas Eve ( of course it's at Christmas!) he breaks out in sores and I freak out....Vet visit, lab tests, skin scrapes....Ugh. I didn't have to think about it...Insurance. I submitted the nearly $600 bill and crossed my fingers. Not only did they review and process my claim in 24 hours, I had a check within the week. We are now officially ahead financially for the year with the insurance than we would have been out of pocket. I am happy and impressed with every customer service person I have dealt with and with their overall operation. In my opinion a great value fo

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Eye problem

Skin problem


Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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