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My 4½ year old Lab Mix ate a leather weight lifting glove one night randomly. Normally he doesn’t get into things and this particular glove had been in my gym bag on the floor for over a year and he had never shown any interest. One night I walked downstairs and he had the glove and had ingested two-thirds of the glove. I kept my eye on him and saw small pieces of it pass. 1 week later he and I went for a run one evening and he was perfect. The glove wasn’t even a concern for me at that point. The following morning he vomited his breakfast and became increasingly sicker throughout the day. Late in the day he vomited up and 1 inch piece of the glove (1 week after eating it!) which I attributed to his sickness. The next morning his condition had deteriorated more and he was very lethargic and not eating. I took him to the emergency vet who explained that his condition was critical due to very low blood oxygen levels. She performed X-Rays which showed blockages but she did not have a Ultrasound machine. This sent us to a surgical vet who through Ultrasound who Identified 3 blockages through his stomach and intestines. After surgery, 3 days in the hospital, and a few weeks of recovery due to his massive scar our boy Mitch was fine and back to normal.
I had purchased pet insurance both of my lab mixes 4 years ago hoping I would never have to use it. This experience was my first time and I cannot thank and compliment Pet Plan enough. They stood by me and made this experience as smooth as possible. Because I knew I was covered the financial aspect of this never concerned me. My dog received the absolute best treatment money could buy and because of this he is alive today. The process to get reimbursed could not have been easier and took a total of about 8 minutes of my time. I truly thank Pet Plan from the bottom of my heart and will be a customer forever. I have referred everyone I know with a dog or cat and will continue to do so. Thank you Pet Plan.

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