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our premium amount for two dogs went up from $85 to $152 per month. This is 78% increase! Our dogs turned ten years this past year. They are both mixed breed and through out their lives they have been healthy. We have done zero claims to Pets Best. The reasoning in the letter was embarrassing. 'greater modern veterinary medicine'
'claims based on age, breed, and where we live'
' adjustments not based on personal claims filing history'

This shows how pet owners get the corporate treatment from companies like Pets Best. Shouldn't there be customer appreciation for owners who take good care of their pets, and who choose healthy breeds (Mixed breeds are healthier than pedigree dogs). We ended up thinking that this is a company policy to push out customers with older pets. Especially those customers who do not have two six digit incomes.

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Posted: 01/28/2015

I feel you on this...I have two seniors too and theirs jumped almost 50%. I was told the same reasons. YOu also feel stuck because you need insurance and anything pre-exisiting won't be covered elsewhere :-(

Posted: 01/30/2015

Hi Marja,
We recently expanded what our plans cover and offer some of the most comprehensive plans in the industry. This was part of the reason for the rate increase.

We will not reduce or cancel coverage based on your pet’s age, regardless of how old your pet becomes. As pets become older, rates increase to reflect the higher potential for problems with your pet’s health, very similar to human health insurance.


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