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My dog had an accident at the groomers. I believe she was dropped. I took her to the vet they did x-rays and put her on meds for a couple weeks. She healed on her own. The only reason I had them take x-rays was because i thought i had "pet insurance." My vet had to fax them a million times the info they wanted. Finally a month later they said they received all the info they needed. I had to wait another month for "processing" Now they have denied my claims saying my dog has Intervertebral Disc Disease and is not covered per exclusion #17. My dog was never diagnosed that. She did hurt her back from an ACCIDENT. Now my vet has to appeal this denied claim. I am sure it will take another month for them to 'process" and I am sure they will find an excuse not to pay.So this will have been going on for 3 months. If for some miracle i do get reimbursed i will recant this review for the most part. But it is not looking good. I pay 40$ a month for this insurance. If i would have known that they find any excuse not to reimburse you i would have NEVER signed up w/ them.

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Shih Tzu

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1 - 8

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Posted: 01/07/2015

So this is a follow up on what I commented regarding pet first. Since my vet stated that it could have possibly been Intervertebral Disc Disease Pet first will NOT reimburse!! Vet says ins is only good basically if your pet gets hit by a car or falls off a 2 story building. They will find any loophole not to pay. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE!! SCAM!!!