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In late October of this year (2014), I took my 3 year old dog into our local emergency vet when he started acting very lethargic. After having x-rays and blood work done, they found that his chest had an excessive amount of fluid in it and that the x-rays showed possible lung lobe torsion. The emergency vet told us that we needed to take our dog to a specialist as they didn’t have the facilities to take care of such a dangerous situation.
I took my dog to a specialty vet hospital in San Diego that we have used many times in the past. The vets there confirmed that my dog did have lung lobe torsion and would need a left cranial lung lobectomy. At that time, it was also determined that the fluid in the chest was consistent with chylous effusion. Both of these issues left unresolved would have killed my dog within a short amount of time. His doctors felt that if they could fix the lung lobe torsion then there was a good possibility that it would also stop the chyle fluid from leaking into the chest. Two weeks later, the doctors found that the clyle fluid was actually getting worse and not better. This meant going in on the other side of his chest for another major surgery to do a thoracic duct ligation to stop the chylothorax. At the time of this review, I still am not certain if the chyle is still leaking into the chest as x-rays are pending in about one week.

My dog is home and recovering very well. He has huge scars on both sides of his chest from two major surgeries. The current total cost of my dog’s medical bills from the time I took him to the emergency vet up until now is $31,477.71. Yes, over $30,000.

My Healthy Paws coverage on my dog has a $250 deductible and 90% reimbursement. Each and every time that I got an invoice from the vet’s office, I took a photo of the invoice the same day and used the Healthy Paws app to submit my claim. That’s it. Take a picture of the invoice (in my case I had multiple pages) and send it off. Within 12 hours I would get an email from Healthy Paws that said they had received my claim. Within 24 hours I had another email that said that my claim had been completed. Within 6 to 7 days (not working days but actual days) I had a check in hand. They never refused to pay for even one item on any of the invoices.

Without Healthy Paws, I would’ve been in debt for many, many years to come. I’ve had to take many dogs to the vet and I’ve always hated that time when someone from the front office a

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Lung lobe torsion and chylothorax
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Over $1000


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