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Embrace initially denied my claim because my dog was stung by a bee before having coverage resulting in hives. She was allergic to the bee which most dogs are and I had called my vet on how to proceed with how much benadryl to give. When the the hives didn't clear up as fast as I wanted my vet told me to come in for a steroid shot even though another dose of benadryl probably would have done the trick (I was a new pet mum and a worrier so he wanted to ease my mind). This was documented in her vet records so Embrace had it in their notes. My girl got sick two months back with a very rare autoimmune disease that initially presented as hives, SHE WAS NO WHERE NEAR A BEE AT THE TIME MIND YOU. But none the less her claim was rejected by Embrace because this was considered a "pre existing" condition because apparently she is NEVER allowed to EVER have an allergic reaction to anything ever again even though this was not even remotely related to a be sting. So her condition worsened and what started as a simple case of hives turned into a resistant staph infection and then ultimately a rare autoimmune disease called Erythema Multiforme which could be fatal. I was up to 3,000 in vet bills at this point. Embrace had started to cover the SOME of the staph infection and the EM but waited weeks upon weeks to even look at my appeal. I got an email saying that the appeal would take 10-15 business days, but then found out they did NOTHING until day 16 when they FINALLY sent a request to my vet asking what the allergic reaction was!!!! They already had ALL of my vets records!! From the day she started seeing him!!! They rejected the claim because of the allergic reaction!!! I was furious, I called costumer services and they had NO ANSWERS for me what-so-EVER. FINALLY after 23 BUSINESS days and two 1/2 months after me submitting the original claim the denial was reversed and I did get coverage and then all new claims were able to be processed and I was able to get coverage for the staph infection ones they weren't covering and the "hives DX" ones that hadn't gone into appeal. So even though it was frustrating and I hated dealing with them, I am very glad I had coverage because they covered 80% of my bills and I would be lost without that money right now! It was way more of a hassle than it needed to be and at times I wanted to scream and more then once I did, but I am truly grateful to have the insurance.

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Skin problem

Erythema Multiforme
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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