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Our Bernese mountain dog pup is 9 months old. She's well bred but she's been more sickly than we expected so early in her life. (We expected a fairly expensive adulthood as BMDs sometimes have lots of problems). So far in akmost 7 months of owning her we have spend over 3500 in vet bills.
This includes a spay/gastroplexy, microchip, emergency room visit & overnight hospitalization for pre-bloat, treatment for conjunctivitis, lyme disease test and treatment for Lyme disease (yep, positive), hurt paw exam & antibiotics, a vet visit over bleeding viral wart she'd chewed off her paw (now it's on her mouth!), an office visit to check on her spay stitches, vaccines, heart worm pills, routine checkups, flea and tick prevention, and I can't recall what else.

ASPCA approved reimbursements for 745$ of it. they do not pay the actual cost of procedures, they do not pay for all the required treatments. I think we are going to cancel our policy and just save 90$ per month for her vet bills. Next up we have to do an ortho scan (under general anesthesia) because she's still lame. That's several hundred I doubt they'll reimburse. It's a racket. Waste of money.

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