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I wasn't a huge fan of pet insurance until I found Petplan. There are a lot of insurance out there that only cover the basic and give you a hard time for serious matters and since I believe every pet owner should take into consideration the cost of routine health before bringing into their house a furry addition, I never bothered to get insured....until four years ago. At that time, my friend's dog got into an accident and I saw her struggling with skyrocket high bills for the procedure....that's when I decided I didn't want to find myself in a situation like that and that's when I found petplan. I've been a policyholder for almost four years now and thankfully I never got to use it until two months ago, so I wasn't aware yet of the amazing people and outstanding service this company provides. One of my boys, Ugo, was diagnosed with MCT and required surgery. Due to a heart condition discovered few days before the procedure, what already would a been an extensive surgery, became quite complicated. I called petplan to inquire what was needed on my end before the surgery took place and not only I got all the info I needed but I received a lot of emotional support by them, which is amazing if you consider we are "strangers" somehow. Anyway, when I brought my baby home, three days later, I sent in the claim and it got cleared super fast, I was amazed. They really gave me the peace of mind to dedicate my time to my boy and not filling out what I thought it would have been tons of paperworks. I use my phone a lot and somehow, I decided to check if there was an application in the App Store and there was! This is what I've used to send in my claim. It's really, really neat and simple. Select your pet among the list if like me you have multiple, take a picture of your bill, name the issue and click on submit claim. THAT SIMPLE 1,2,3. You can follow the status of your claim or upload through the app additional documentations if needed. No paperworks, no phone calls, no waiting for your vet to find the time to send the claim in or remember to do so (and for multiple zeros bill we all know time is of essence) just flawless. Choosing petplan was the best I could do for both, my and my pets' peace of mind. I usually don't write reviews as I've never found anything that was worth raving about..until I found petplan. The service, the people working there, the hassle free processing, the quickness of paying claims....I would go on and on ;)Thank you Petplan for caring abo

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Mast Cell Tumor
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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