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PetPlan was the reason I had options in the treatment of lymphoma for my 7-year-old (+/-) Golden Retriever, Joey. When Joey was rescued he weighed a mere 45 lbs., was flea infested, and lived in a motel room with his owner and a cat, who (by a couple of scars he had) must have done a real number on him. Joey was a beautiful, sweet, gentle boy, even considering the shape he was in when first rescued. I'm not totally sure why, after 2 cats and 5 dogs, I decided that I should look into pet insurance, but it was probably because he had been so neglected and mistreated before rescue. I asked friends and looked into several plans online, but between the patience of the PetPlan Customer Reps who were dealing with someone who had never been able to figure out her own personal insurance, and the referrals from other Golden owners, I made my decision to go with PetPlan. The first claim I had was for removal of a "common" Golden lump on his back, which turned out to be benign. That was in December of 2013. The claim was settled quickly and I was amazed at how quickly I was reimbursed. I am on a fixed income and this was a wonderful surprise to me, knowing what a pain it can be dealing with insurance companies.
All was good until out of the blue Joey became very lethargic, so much so that the Dog Park didn't appeal to him! Within less than 24 hours Joey and I had been to our vet, who immediately sent us to an excellent hospital where he received more tests with state-of-the-art equipment. The diagnosis was confirmed that he was "bleeding out" and did I want to consider surgery to remove his spleen, with a 1 in 3 chance of not being cancer, or the alternative, euthanasia. Had it not been for my knowing I had insurance to help me with the bills, I would not have been able to make my decision so easily. Joey and I were together 24/7 and no way was I not going to try anything I could. Joey made it through the surgery with no signs of cancer. I took him to my vet every 2 weeks to take the all important blood tests (technical terms) to make sure there were no "bad" cells. After approx. 4 months of these tests, Joey was declared free and clear and the surgery was thought to be a success!

Meantime we had put off his routine shots until he was stronger. He had a scheduled appointment just 2 weeks later. The day before we were to go in, I felt 2 lumps under his ears that I told myself no, it couldn't be! My first Golden had gotten lymphoma at 5-years-old so I was fam

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spleen removed, followed by lymphoma
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