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I simply cannot say enough good things about this company. I have never had pet insurance before, but when I adopted my beautiful little dog, something in the back of my mind said to get it. I researched companies, not liking the one the adoption people "recommended", and found Healthy Paws. I couldn't really believe it would work the way they said, but it DOES!!! I am a physician, myself, and know all the tricks most insurance companies play to avoid paying a claim. NONE of these were true of Healthy Paws.
I was in an absolute panic when my little dog began limping, and when I was told she had to have surgery, I almost collapsed. Finances were the last thing I could think about! But, reality set in and I reluctantly filed the claim. I honestly expected it to be denied for one reason or another. Imagine my surprise when they not only approved it - within DAYS!!! - but wrote the check the same week! And, they are even going to help pay for her rehab!

Every step of they way, they have sent encouraging messages, followed her progress, even cheering us along with her weight loss - badly needed for her full recovery.

Their policy of considering the office visit and routine care as the owner's responsibility is COMPLETELY reasonable. And, the choice of deductibles and percentage of costs covered allows ME to chose my level of risk. I wish human health insurance could be this easy. If Healthy Paws ever decides to offer human insurance, I will be first in line to sign up!

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knee injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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