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A year after "the fish-hook incident" when my best friend (it happened in a nano-second) grabbed and swallowed a baited catfish hook, resulting in $5,500 of emergency after-hours proceedings, for which Petplan came through with flying colors, my guy was diagnosed with heart cancer. I am with my dog, who is a pet therapist, 24/7. I always believed he would be with me until his golden years. At diagnoses, the vet gave him 1 week to 12 months to live. Four months in, he's living a good life with his cancer. His vet, oncologist and cardiologist are part of our lives now. He has great care and mostly good days. I cherish every one of them. Without Petplan, my husband and I would have been faced with deciding on euthenasia of a vital and deeply loved member of our family, debt or forfeiting on commitments such as mortgage and tuition. We're K12 in and going strong. I am SO GRATEFUL to Petplan for taking financial concerns off the table as I give my beloved boy the medical care he needs.

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