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With four dogs, we realized we were potentially facing HUGE vet bills if one or more got sick or was injured; it was on our minds constantly. One of our vet's clients ran up a $14,000 vet bill when her dog got sick and needed short-term kidney dialysis. That was the impetus for us to do LOTS of research into our insurance options. After narrowing it down to three companies, I called each with final questions and was sooo impressed with the pleasant and knowledgeable people at EMBRACE. Additionally, we liked the option they offered of a somewhat large deductible ($1,000 per dog), but $15,000 of yearly coverage (per dog). (After the deductible, EMBRACE pays 90% which was not available with some other companies....several topped out at 80%) The deductible and the 10% co-pay could go on a credit card if the worst happened. But, the $15,000 policy gives us incredible peace of mind and for 4 dogs, the premium was very reasonable. So far this year, 2 dogs have had "illnesses" ear infection and a urinary tract infection. In both cases, the vet put the claim through with the EASY to use forms EMBRACE provides and within 2 days we received an e-mail letting us know the claim was received and 2 days later, we got another e-mail confirming coverage with a link to a complete outline of the coverage amount and remaining deductible. It couldn't be easier! The coverage is exactly what was sold to problems, whatsoever! Very honest and straightforward! Now we have complete confidence that if something bad happens (read expensive) to one of our dogs, we don't have to worry about doing whatever it takes to care for them! VERY glad we chose EMBRACE!

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Urinary tract infection
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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