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My Frenchie, Macaroni, ate part of a corn cob and after 2 months of digesting in his stomach, it became lodged in his intestines. I live in NYC and emergency pet surgery is extremely expensive. It was a difficult time for us as we thought we were going to lose out little monster, but one very positive outcome was how quickly the claim was processed and the amount that was covered. I submitted it on Sunday night and the claim was approved on Wednesday. They even sent an e-mail to get an update on his status that showed real concern for Macaroni, who BTW is almost back to normal after just a week after surgery.
I have another dog covered by VPI which is schedule based rather than % and it takes much longer for the claims to be processed and in an expensive market like NYC, it just does not make sense as the amount they will cover typically does not even come near the cost. If I had a claim of $100, I never knew if I would get $80 back or $8. She is too old to make the switch, unfortunately.

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foreign body in intestines
Claim Amount
Over $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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