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I had my dog examined 7 days after my policy took effect because he had been coughing for a few days and it was only getting worse. To be exact, the coughing had been noticeable 2-3 days after the policy started, I watched it for a few days, then had a doctor look at him. He was diagnosed with Blastomycosis after diagnostic tests were performed. Trupanion initially denied my claim. They stated a policy exclusion that my dogs 'signs or symptoms could have been observable or reasonably noticed my myself or my vet' before I actually had him examined or noted his signs of being sick. I am a vet tech and work at a hospital, so I was able to have my dog looked at as soon as anything was noticeably wrong with him, so Trupanion's reasoning behind denying my claim was extremely stressful and frustrating. I had my dog looked at when I noticed something wrong, not like I waited for my insurance to start before I got care for him. I appealed the claim, at which point Trupanion asked for more detailed records and a note from the doctor. It annoyed me that they asked for more information after already denying the claim and me appealing it. They denied covering his illness again, but had a staff veterinarian call me to discuss my dogs case. It didn't take long talking to the veterinarian to decide that they should cover my dogs illness and the appeal would be overturned. She was very nice and tried to explain why my claim was denied so quickly. Basically because my dogs illness was so close to when my policy started, from an insurance perspective, I could have been waiting for it to start before getting care for my dog. Also, they try to close claims as quickly as possible. While I understood what she told me, it still frustrated me that they simply denied my claim before knowing all the information that was necessary to make the right decision. In the end, it all worked out, but I had to be proactive and deal with the stress of settling the claims for my dogs illness.

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