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As a previous VPI customer, I can truly see the excellent value of Healthy Paws. Not a month after making the switch from VPI my mixed breed tore her cruciate ligament and meniscus. Without any hesitation, Healthy Paws sent me a check to cover 80 percent of the close to $3000 surgery. When I adopted my rescue dog I got Healthy Paws immediately. Luckily I was covered when about a month later my vet discovered Mandy had liver disease. Healthy Paws covered 80 percent of all her labs and her monthly medications. Mandy also ended up with Demodex mange which was also covered. Without Healthy Paws, our pets would have created a financial disaster. Without a pay schedule like what VPI has, our bills were truly covered-not what an insurance company tells me what a vet should charge. My family is truly thankful for Healthy Paws and highly recommend them to anyone.

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cruciate ligament tear
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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