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Having extensively researched many pet insurances, comparing and reading reviews, we decided on Trupanion. We didn't think we would be taking advantage of it before our puppy turned 2 since she didn't go through the chewing stages that many of our others did in the past. She initially showed signs of a bladder infection, but after a day of no improvement with medication and symptoms worsening, the vet confirmed it was more serious and had to be resolved immediately. Emergency surgery was performed as one of the three stones removed proved to be life threatening. Upon payment settlement to our vets and establishments, we submitted the paperwork and total claim of $2,557.89 bill and after the $400 deductible (we chose which is another fantastic option), the $203 items not covered (which is spelled out when you apply)they paid us $1,759.40 (90% as promised) which is more than any other insurance would provide!! Even better, we faxed our paperwork on a 11/10 and received an email confirmation the same day, we received a followup email on 11/11 to indicate they were verifying, and another email 11/17 to confirm that payment was issued! ONE WEEK!! While we hope it's a LONG time before the next vet visit, we know we can count on them to help us provide the best possible care for our little dog!!

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bladder stones
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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