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Through my life I have had several pets. I have never had pet insurance. Mikka, my dog, is still in the puppy stage of her life and is very adventurous. She gets into everything. When she chewed into a bottle of Ibuprofen I thought we would lose her just because of the cost of medical care. I had forgotten I had purchased HealthPaws Insurance. When I purchased the insurance I was concerned that like most insurance companies it was all about collecting the premiums and not paying the claims. When I remembered I had purchased HealthyPaws Insurance I went online expecting to have to fill out a confusing claim form. Mail the form in with all the reports and then wait 6-8 weeks for processing only to receive a small reimbursement if I got anything. I just knew it would be a pointless endeavor. To my surprise it was easy to submit the claim online. No claim form. Just send the invoice along with medical reports explaining the event. On receipt of the claim HealthyPaws notified me by email they had received the information and would be processing the claim right away. I thought okay this is where the long waiting period comes in. Not so. Within two days I received notification that the claim was reviewed, what was being paid and that a check would be sent shortly. At this writing, 11-25-14, I have not received payment. However, Mikka's claim was submitted on Wednesday, 11-18-14 and completed by Friday, 11-21-14. It hasn't been long enough to get payment. I am so thankful I discovered HealthyPaws. Mikka is too. What a wonderful surprise and reconfirmation there are still companies in the world that aren't out to take your money and run. Customer service is their asset and they provide it with their ease of claim submission, their availibility when you contact them and the timely processing of your claim. Good job HealthyPaws. Thank you again.

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Ibuprofen poisoning
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Siberian Husky

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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