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My wife and I have a 2 1/2 year old Lab / Shepherd mix. Kira is a great dog and much beloved by my son, wife, and myself. Three weeks ago we were at a BBQ at a friends home. While we were out, Kira escaped from the yard. Several young guys were out front and tried to catch him. To him, this was a game so the race was on. Sadly, Kira became lost for a week. After a desperate search he was found, but with a badly broken leg. This was on a Sunday. The emergency vet recommended a specialist who was located two hours away in the San Francisco Bay Area. We loaded him up and off we went. Healthy Paws paid our claims within a few days, both the emergency vet and the Specialist. What's more amazing is that we had purchased insurance only three months prior. Healthy Paws is simply amazing.

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severely shattered right femur
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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