don't bring your pet here. only care about money.

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Horrible customer service. One of their employees messed up my dogs plan, and they had to start his all over. When they did this they told me his contract would still be up in the original month I started him. When I called that month to confirm that his plan ended they told me that I had signed something in february continuing his plan which I did not. I asked for the document they were speaking about, and they werent able to provide it to me. I went up there yesterday to pick up his heartworm which they said was no longer included on his plan, because whoever restarted his plan only put 6 months. I then asked if my monthly payments would go down since the heartworm was no longer included, and the employee rudely responded no. I have never been so angry and disgusted with a company who was to take care of my animal, and they failed. I was going to continue paying unti November when they claimed his plan was supposedly ending just so he could get his heartworm medicatio. But will not continue allowing them to take 50 dollars from my bank account for nothing. I have called my bank and disputed their charges since my dogs payment was originally supposrd to end, and have blocked all of there access to my account. I STRONGLY erge you to not bring your pet here if you care as deeply for them as I do care for mine. Banfield are thiefs, and do not care about your pet.

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$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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