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My dog Molly, a 12 year old Corgi mix, was recently diagnosed with a severe kidney infection that required immediate hospitalization for 10 days and vet visits with no end in sight. Our hospital bill alone was almost $10,000. I had some problems with the hospital submitting to PetPlan. PetPlan called them to find out what the problem was. Jessica at PetPlan even offered her personal email address for them to submit. Once the hospital had submitted the claim, she sent me an email to let me know and phoned to let me know it was being processed. We received our check today for the full amount minus our 20% co pay. I had already received checks for vet visits that had our $200 deductible taken but since all the visits are connected to the kidney problems, the deductible is only subtracted once. Molly has improved and is running around our house again-but knowing that we had PetPlan Insurance made saying yes to the various treatments suggested by our kidney specialist much easier!
I had another experience with PetPlan several years ago with our dog Jake who had swallowed a toy at the kennel. Unfortunately despite surgery and every treatment possible for 7 days, he did not survive which was a nightmare. The only ray of light was PetPlan which called to offer their condolences and paid the hospital directly our entirely policy amount of $10,000 (which almost covered the bill). After that I increased the value of my plan. I never thought you could spend more than $10,000 in a year but you can spend it in one week at a specialized vet referral center. I now have coverage for double that amount per year for our dogs.

Pet Insurance seems expensive when your pet is healthy, but if they get sick due to cancer or a kidney infection or need surgery, your insurance premium will be minor compared to what you will owe the vet/hospital.

PetPlan has proved themselves easy to deal with and very considerate. They only cover health problems, not wellness visits, but hopefully you can pay for the planned expenses of your dog or cat. It is the emergencies that catch you unaware financially.

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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