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When I first got Rory my chihuahua/min pin mix I had no idea pet insurance was an option. It wasn't until he was five month old and experienced his first broken leg and was told I should consider pet insurance. It was so terrifying having my baby hurting and not knowing how I would come up with the funds to take care of him. After researching thoroughly I decided to go with Petplan and I'm SO glad that I did. A few months after Rory turned one (we had a spectacular birthday party!) the unthinkable happened. His new brother Sokka tripped him and he broke his other leg!
My response this time was much more controlled. Knowing I had insurance and I didn't need to worry about how I was going to take care of him made it a completely different experience. I filed my first claim, they were very helpful with my questions and as I have Gold coverage with $100 deductible I had most of my money back in about three weeks.
Rory is my precious boy, but since he is toy breed with freakishly disproportionate legs we can't seem to catch a break! One of the plates used to repair his second break started coming through his skin at the same time I was on work comp for a severe concussion I got at work. Petplan to the rescue again! They were able to work with me and my vet so that I did't have to pay everything up front.
Now we come to the fun part! While recovering from his plate removal he has been literally attached to my hip. He goes with me to the doctor, the store, everywhere. He was drinking water at home when Sokka attempted to jump on one of my kitties, Neiko Mai. Unfortunately, Rory was caught in the cross fire. Break number three. So my poor little monkey just had surgery to repair this and once again Petplan is working with my AMAZING vet Mission Animal Hospital (Hopkins, Mn) to help make sure I don't pay it all out of pocket and Rory gets the care he needs. They've been very helpful and genuine through the whole process and I feel VERY pleased with my decision to go with them.

TLDR; MY puppy has had four major surgeries in less than two years and Petplan has helped make the experience much less stressful.

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