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Calling insurance companies for assistance of any kind is never something I thought would be enjoyable. I have been blown away consistently by how much time and effort each PetPlan employee puts into my inquiries and claims. I don't know their recruiting policy, but it seems they have the best of the best interacting with their customers.
If you are ever lucky enough to get Nikki Carpenter on the phone, you should seriously do a happy dance. Better yet, just ask for her, because somehow in a sea of amazing employees, she manages to still be a stand out. I recently had issues with their new iPhone app (oh yeah did I mention they have an app now, and that's also awesome). Nikki not only helped me fix the issues as quickly as anyone could have hoped, she took personal ownership, emailed me updates (that were personable, proactive, and DETAILED), and she basically stayed one step ahead of any continued problems I might have otherwise had. I feel like this woman, who I've never met, somehow loves my cats as much as I do. It's absurd, right? But I don't care. It's freaking awesome.

If you're into the financial side of it, cause that's why we get insurance, I will also share that in the 3 years I have had PetPlan it has more than paid for itself, and my claims were always processed quickly, accurately, and fairly. Additionally, if there were ever issues with getting a claim accepted (pre-existing condition, etc), I've found the team is extremely helpful at explaining additional options and talking me through potential next steps - they have never left me with a "nope nothing we can do. have a nice day."

Okay more thing. My husband's new job offers pet insurance as part of his benefits package. It would be slightly cheaper, but it's with a different company. I told him we're not taking it because I TRUST PetPlan (and Nikki Carpenter!), and I love my cats like children, so yeah, I'm sticking with who I trust.

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stretched ligament (including emergency vet)
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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