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Our little dachshund-mix girl snarfed up a foxtail while out on a walk and was sneezing until her nose started to bleed. It was a Friday evening so we took her to emergency care. The docs were terrific ~ but although they could see the foxtail, they couldn't remove it… it was too far into her nasal passage. That was the first procedure which, to be honest, was undeniably less stressful given that I knew we'd be covered by insurance. [Don't get me wrong, we would've spent whatever it'd have taken to save our pup… luckily, we didn't have to and I knew that I'd made the right decision when I purchased the PetPlan coverage upon adopting our little gal.]The next morning found us about 40 minutes from home at a vet specialist who had the correct instruments to access the area where the foxtail was lodged. A full day later, after general anesthesia and a lot of searching on the vet's part, the foxtail was removed and we brought our 'baby' home ~ a bit loopy but totally ok! She was on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds for a full week after the procedure.
Both emergency vet offices told me that they'd faxed the claims directly to PetPlan ~ but it turned out that only one was noted in the claims section when I looked online. I called PetPlan directly, and within 24 hours they had tracked down the second claim and called me, and emailed me as well, to let me know it was going through.
Customer service representatives are personable, warm and terrific; response rate is lightning quick; and the whole process ~ from signing up for the insurance plan, to filing a claim and being reimbursed ~ was amazingly simple.
I would recommend PetPlan without reservation to anyone who's considering insurance for their pet. You never know if or when something might happen to your pet, and the reasonable rates make it fully worth one's while to sign up… especially because when it comes to vet bills, which are always costly, you don't want to have to think twice about doing everything you can to save / heal your beloved furry family member!

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Foxtail lodged deep in nostril
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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