Don't do business with Pets Best

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Under no circumstances should you do business with Pets Best.
I'm caretaker to a 9-year-old chocolate lab. I paid in excess of $700 this year for an injury-only policy with a high per-incident deductible ($250). This bought me a policy with a $2,500 "per incident cap," which should be satisfactory for most issues your dog will encounter.

Virtually every interaction I've had with Pets Best has been an ordeal. Usually, it's the typical insurance-company stuff about a demand for more records that you've already sent, but this summer they've taken unprofessionalism to new heights.

On its Web site, the company says most claims are addressed within 10 business days; that's false. In June, I submitted a claim for my dog's recent ligament surgery. After waiting in excess of three weeks for a response, I called and asked for a supervisor, who told me: "Oh, I think it was being handled by a trainee. We'll make sure it's expedited."

OK, I understand, everyone gets busy around the holidays, so ...

About 5 minutes after I was off the phone with this rep (Brynn) I received an e-mail from Pets Best saying they'd contacted my vet for more information ... after they'd been sitting on the claim for weeks doing nothing--and after I'd confirmed twice that they already had the 1 year's worth of records they'd previously asked for. Delay, delay, delay.

Finally, Pets Best agreed to pay a portion of my most recent claim, but withheld a full $1,000, claiming they had paid out on a "related condition" earlier in the year. Untrue. Their claims adjustor conflated two conditions that the vet clearly stated were separate, and I am now forced into an appeals process.

Even more beguiling, when I called back to speak to this rep, she acknowledged that she hadn't read my claims.

Stay away from Pets Best. They're liars and cheats. A responsible state government would be investigating them by now.

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Cruciate ligament
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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Over 8 years

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