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We had Healthy Paws for a couple of years before our first claim, which was for major abdominal surgery for our sweet female greyhound.
The customer service team was great about working with us, our local small-town vet, and the university hospital to which we were referred for surgery. We had one small hiccup where an initial blood screen was not covered because the billing code at my vet ("wellness screen") made it look like a preventative screening. Healthy Paws customer service was very understanding when I called to tell them it was done in response to symptoms of the dog's illness. After a quick fax from my vet clarifying the purpose of the blood work, they re-processed my claim and it came back covered. We had no surprises as far as coverage - everything was exactly as the Healthy Paws website states and our reimbursement matched up with the plan we pay for.

The customer service team reached out to me several times after my initial call to follow up and check in - they even checked in to see how our dog was doing after all the claims had processed.

The whole experience made us so grateful to have pet insurance - we'll definitely maintain it for our greyhound and any future dogs we own. Based on this experience, we'll be sticking with Healthy Paws.

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