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Let me tell you why I love Healthy Paws. I have a 7 year old mastiff mix named Nico. Nico is our "bubble" dog. He is allergic to everything. He has a heart murmur and another mild congenital heart condition. Nico has arthritis in his spine, which is causing mild compression on the nerves. This leaves him with weakness in his hind legs and some discomfort. Because of Healthy Paws, I was able to afford the MRI to diagnose his hind legs and holistic treatment to help Nico with his spine issues since surgery is not an option. Most recently, he had a mast cell tumor on his neck. Surgery was performed and the tumor was removed (came back Grade 1, so no further treatment needed). These were all costly procedures and I love that Healthy Paws always turn around their claims in a matter of days so I can pay off my credit card quickly without accruing interest. I think the most I have had to wait after submitting a claim was 4 days, but usually I get notice within 2 days of submittable that my check is on it's way.
As all pet owners know, the bigger the pet, the more costly medication will be since it's all based on weight. Nico is 150lbs so you can imagine how much his pain medications/antibiotics can be when he gets sick! Healthy Paws makes it possible for me to afford Nico the best veterinary care, and I never have to worry "can I afford it"?

Their customer service amazes me. Every time I have contacted them I have been treated kindly and they always follow up after a claim to see how Nico is doing. This company is very professional and gives me peace of mind that I can afford to treat my pet if anything happens to him.

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Skin problem


spinal compression
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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