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I have had 24pet Care ever since I adopted my terrier mix from a local shelter. She is now over 12 years old (much too old to be covered under another insurance ). Initially, the response to any claims I made were slow, but here of late it has become ridiculous. I submitted a claim for over $1300.00 as of July 2, and became a bit concerned because I didn't get the usual follow up to my claim submission, which incidenty was faxed to them. Out of curiosity, I called them and they told me they needed "updated" health information. What is with this? They have more health information on my dog than my GP has on me, and they need more "up-to-date" health information. When I questioned WHY they needed more health information, and they saw I was a bit upset, the agent (who, I must admit, was very pleasant) came up with the response that they requested the Veterinary Team to fax them all the updated information. I still don't get it.........all the updated information was submitted with the claim......I was in the office when it was submitted. Will someone please tell me what I am missing out on here?

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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Over 8 years

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Posted: 09/04/2015

The turn around time for claims is becoming ridiculous! It's been over a month since my last claim was submitted and that was because I had to re-submit a portion of it. They sent a letter saying "Your claim was denied, with no information as to what claim, how much it was for or why it was denied. I had to follow up to get that information, tried first by phone and after 45mins on hold gave up and contacted them through the website. It's almost like they hope you give up and don't get the money. I've had this insuraace since my boy was 1yr, he'll be 12 in Jan,.

Posted: 09/15/2015

I've had a similar experience with 24petcare, wanting up to date medical records even though they have all the vet documents with dates. Amazingly slow service & they have just declined my claim and lied by saying the health issue is over a year old, which is on record as only being from June 2015 - Its taken 2 & 1/2 month to reach this point. Very slow service and dare I say bad service.