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Thankfully we picked up coverage on our three dogs several years ago (after the death of two elderly cats and one dog that didn't have insurance). The past few months have been a blur with both of our Beagles experiencing back problems.One was easily diagnosed and after a few weeks on some meds and kennel rest she has made a great recovery.
Unfortunately, our other Beagle did not get off so easy. She has been diagnosed (after being referred to a neurologist and getting an MRI, spinal tap and several other tests) with Spinal GME. She is currently under going monthly in-house chemo treatments (two night stay at the hospital) along with taking daily chemo pills and steroids all in the hope of resetting her immune system.
There is no way we could continue to provide her this level of care without Embrace. When the vets start talking about costs, I just shush them and tell them we have pet insurance and if it is best for her recovery then we need to do it.
We are just at the beginning of her treatment and so far have spent about $5K, since we have the 80/20 coverage Embrace has covered nearly $4K. The only thing I would change if I could go back ... I would have chosen the 90/10 coverage! We also provide acupuncture to all of our dogs - Embrace covers that too.
I don't know how Embrace could make the claims process any easier. I choose to email our claim forms with the receipts (so I also have a scanned copy on my computer); however, faxing them is also an option. I typically receive an email within 24 hours letting me know the claim has been received and will get emails throughout the review process until a final decision to cover the cost is made. Other than the initial claim where we had to get with several different vets to gather all her records from the past year, we have never had to wait more than 5-10 days for the decision and the refund to be sent electronically to our account. We have never been denied coverage on any of our claims.
I am so grateful to have Embrace insurance, it certainly helps me sleep better knowing I can provide my pets with the vet care they need.
Anytime I have called with questions, the customer service has been outstanding and very patient with a stressed out pet owner. Thank you Embrace for helping me take care of my babies.

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Spinal GME (encephalitis)
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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