A little disorganized - this time 7/10

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My dog went to the vet for back pain. The vet diagnosed her with IVDD, so we went to a specialist about a week later. I thought I would have to do an MRI, and I told to get a pre-certification by the person I spoke to at Embrace. Apparently it takes 10 days to guarantee a response. I was a little put off by this. If this was an urgent case I would not have 10 days to spare, I would have paid out of pocket and then crossed my fingers it would have got paid. Luckily I did not find out how this worked out.... I sent in my claims via email and followed up with a phonecall. I was told it was received and went about my merry way. 10 days later I checked it and there was an issue about the diagnosis. I had received no follow up call, no email notifcation. I found this on myembrace, which is a great tool. If I hadn't check it though - I would have never known! My second claim went in and this too had some confusion associated with it. It got associated to both my dogs and not one. It didin't seem to correctly active on Persia's account. Anyway 2-3 emails later it was corrected. The both my claims saddled mt renewal date and paid a lot out of pocket (deductible x 2).At first I was a little upset thinking I paid twice, until I called and got set straight. I think it may have been worth mentioning that in their response to me, considering I had two claims one after the other, to save me the initial frustration and calling back. That seems logical to me. BUT the people that work at Embrace are extremely polite and attentive. They asked my about my dog and were responsive to email. All in all I don't have much to complain about, I just want to flag they need a little more organization and thought in their claims process (the part that interfaces to the customer). I thought it was very promising that the initial vet visit and specialist were accepted as claims. If this had ended up being chronic this insurance would have served me well.

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Back pain
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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