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Wow, where to begin. I adopted a Shepherd mix from SPOT Rescue. Josey was just a year old and was such a crazy active dog. I started to think about an insurance policy for her. Of all the dogs I've ever lived with over the last 50 years I just knew she was going to be the one to cost me money. I started talking to my fellow dog lovers about insurance. Everyone who had pet insurance said how crappy the companies were. No one was happy with their companies, everyone talked about claims being denied, reimbursements took forever to receive, etc. Everyone said it wasn't worth it.
I did my research and decided Healthy Paws was by far and away the best on the market. I went with the 90% coverage, $500 deductible. Josey's monthly policy runs me just a little over $30. I can't stress enough how fortunate I was to choose Healthy Paws. Josey blew out her left knee chasing a rabbit not even five days after the required 15 day waiting period. She required a TPLO surgery, which is not cheap. I just knew they'd deny my claim, find some sort of reason not to cover it. Not only did they cover the cost of 90% of the surgery, they cut and sent me a reimbursement check in ten day's time.

Here we are less than two years later and Josey blew out her other knee. She just had another TPLO surgery this last Thursday. I emailed the invoice to Healthy Paws Monday of this week. Today is only Wednesday and I just received an email from Healthy Paws. They told me my claim has been processed, and the check for 90% of the cost of surgery will be sent out shortly.

Healthy Paws is an AMAZING company. They have GREAT customer service, offer many different options as far as monthly plans, and they make submitting plans effortless. They are as good as it gets!!

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