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We are so grateful for the good folks at Healthy Paws. Years ago, we contemplated pet insurance but the policies were so restrictive that it was not worth doing. We adopted a pup last year and she has been outrageously healthy. In one of those "I was supposed to see this" moments, I was reading the Boston Globe online and got a pop-up ad for a pet insurance company (not Healthy Paws). Just for the heck of it, I checked it out. Then I went to ConsumersAdvocate.com to see different plans side by side. Healthy Paws was ranked number one, and now I have first-hand knowledge of why. About a month ago, our healthy little dog became very ill with GI issues whose origin was quite murky, necessitating a lot of expensive visits to vets and culminating in an exploratory ultrasound. Fortunately, I had decided to enroll with Healthy Paws in August, so her condition was not deemed pre-existing. The policy is beautifully simple and flexible, allowing you to choose your annual deductible (bonus: it commences at your anniversary date, not calendar year) and your reimbursement percentage to arrive at the monthly premium. The only exclusions of note are that they don't cover the exam, nor do they cover routine office visits and procedures such as vaccinations. Their reasoning is valid and sensible--visit their website. The initial claim required submission of all records (thank goodness our dog is young!) along with the invoices. Our vets e-mailed invoices to us and we were able to submit multiple claims for the ongoing process online. Turnaround time for claims payment is super fast. We feel that we were, indeed, supposed to see that pop-up ad, because we ended up with Healthy Paws and our little girl is doing much, much better. This is a great company and they also have an animal adoption foundation. We are, indeed, in good paws with Healthy Paws!

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1 - 8

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