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With previous pets, I had used a different pet insurance company, one that had been around since the beginning of the idea of pet insurance companies. That company was ok, but there were some disappointments in terms of what I thought the coverage was, versus what it was in reality. It also usually took a couple of months to get reimbursed by them.
So, when we got our new dog, Miranda, a husky from a rescue organization, I took my time thoroughly researching all of the pet insurance companies that now exist. There are quite a few of them now, so the research and comparisons I made took much longer than I expected. No matter which other company I examined, none of them appeared to match up to what Healthy Paws had to offer. I appreciated that there was a one-time annual deductible, instead of a deductible for each vet visit. I liked the range of options to select from, in terms of what percentage would be covered. It looked like the online submission process for turning in a claim was easy. I liked the background of the founders. I liked the fact that Healthy Paws had established a foundation to donate some of its proceeds to help animals in need. AND all of the reviews I read online -- mostly on Yelp, I think -- about Healthy Paws from current customers were outstanding. So, I made the choice to go with Healthy Paws, and am beyond satisfied.

Filing a claim is so easy; you quickly get notification if they need any further documentation from your vet; you get a notice that your claim is being processed; you get a notice once they have processed your claim. It is so fast and efficient, and because of the notice system, you aren't left wondering what's happening with your claim.

Six months after we got Miranda, she was diagnosed with a serious condition. For each treatment, we submitted claims and they were paid promptly. When your dog is undergoing treatment, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your insurance will cover the treatments and how long it will take to be reimbursed. These were never things we had to worry about. Healthy Paws even wrote to see how she was doing.

Miranda is good as new, and we continue to be very pleased with the choice we made to go with Healthy Paws pet insurance. I would -- and I do - highly recommend this company as the choice for insuring your pet.

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