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Six years ago I spent months comparing pet insurance companies and plans and by far, Pet Plan was the best choice. People laughed at me when I first insured my Dobermans but like it is with people, you always hope you won't need it but have it for those "just in case" moments. The first time I submitted a claim was 7 months after signing them up. My male swallowed something and needless to say, it got stuck. Within days of submitting the claim PetPlan paid as promised. I was thrilled! A year later he found something else to swallow which again got stuck. This time we ended up at the ER for emergency surgery. Due to complications he had another emergency surgery 4 days later. He was deathly ill for 2 solid weeks and we nearly lost him. Thankfully he is still with us. It was such a blessing to be able to focus on getting him better rather than how much 2 surgeries and 2 weeks worth of care would cost. Nearly a year later he had another surgery for the same thing but came out of it with flying colors. Luckily he has grown out swallowing things. Now my female. Although she has also had a policy for 6 years she didn't have a need for ins. until last June 2013 when she was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma. She had the cancer removed along with a piece of her jaw bone in order to get a clean margin. About 10 months later she had another malignant melanoma appear on her toe. That was also removed and she is doing very well. She is cancer free. The cancer was very aggressive. My husband and I are well aware she would not be with us if she had not received the surgeries. Neither one of them would be with us right now. So now you can understand why paying for their insurance every month is one payment I enjoy making. At different times both of my loves would have lost their life without the care they were able to receive. Unlike many ins. companies, PetPlan pays based on what the vet actually charges and not a predetermined amount the ins. deems reasonable. If my calculations are correct, we have been reimbursed over $14,000. We will never have a dog without insurance again. On top of great insurance, Customer Service has always been amazing anytime I have called them. My friends aren't laughing anymore. They are asking for PetPlan contact info. Do I recommend PetPlan? Absolutely!

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foreign body ingestion
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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