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I signed up for the wellness plan due to my lab having arthritis. I took her in March, she collapsed during a walk. I took her to Banfield due to the hours being convenient for me. The vet who saw my dog in March did an exam and just prescribed the arthritis meds. In June, she started showing more signs and I took her back. She was diagnosed with cancer but the vet wasn't sure where the cancer was and needed to wait for a scan. The expenses for this visit and the next day were not covered under plan, my dog was not diagnosed and referred to the pet hospital. I then took my dog to the pet hospital and she was diagnosed w/in 5 mins w/ lymphoma and a very poor prognosis. The vet said her lymph nodes were the size of softballs. So, the worst part was they would not cancel the wellness plan for me. After numerous calls they finally cancelled the last 2 payments and cancelled the plan after threats of having my attorney handle it. At the end of the day I lost my dog due to their vets incompetence AND was out for 10 mos of wellness AND paid close to $1000. I would have been so much better off at an accredited vet. Lesson learned, will NEVER use again, not will I ever shop at another pet smart again!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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