Lab Puppy Swallows Pacifier- Embrace Saves the Day

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I purchased an Embrace insurance policy as soon as we brought home our 8 week old lab puppy. He had some normal health issues, stomach upset, an ear infection, neutering and Embrace responded each time in a friendly and timely manner.
Now 10 months old- our lab puppy swallowed a pacifier which became lodged in his intestines, causing a complete blockage. There is no option other than emergency surgery to fix this issue, or death. At 2 AM in the emergency room, when faced with the option of surgery or putting him down, it was easy to opt for surgery knowing Embrace was behind us. Instead of $4000 bill, we paid our 20% co-pay and our lab is back to normal (plus one giant scar).

I have to say, I watched more then one person at the desk pull out credit card after credit card just to pay for their pets health care and it was heartbreaking. Knowing that I wasn't going to have to put my family in financial jeopardy AND that I could save our dog, was the greatest confirmation that buying an Embrace policy was the best decision we made as dog owners.

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intestinal blockage
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Labrador Retriever

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