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I debated on getting pet insurance when I first got my dog, but it was the smartest, best decision I've ever made. You just never know when something is going to happen. With my puppy, it turned out he had a genetic disorder called luxating patella which he needed major surgery on both back legs. Healthy Paws was so quick to send the claim check! I was so worried because the vet said that a lot of insurance companies will find ways out of covering this surgery, and I was so relieved when it was so easy!! Healthy Paws is the way to go!! I can't express how amazing this insurance is. This very week I just had the most horrible week, because my puppy got sick and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. He had x-rays, surgery, biopsies, ER visits, an insane amount of meds and the only peace of mind I had the whole time was knowing that I had Healthy Paws, and they are covering 90% of all his x-rays, surgery, meds, and various procedures. For a week straight my dog was not eating, not getting better and no one knew why...I can't imagine what a massive train wreck I would've been without Healthy Paws. One of the best decisions I made and will continue to make for his entire life! Worth it, so very very worth it!

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Skin problem


luxating patella
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Over $1000


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Under a year

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